Don’t Look Gallery invited sound artist Jennifer Teo to do her interpretation of a sonic Frankenstein. The artist was given eight hours to create an interactive audio monster from the stockpile of analogue equipment found in the gallery stores.

Morphing reel-to-reel tape recorders, fluorescent lights, timers, record players, movie projectors, old television sets, radios, amps, speakers a variety of circuitry and numerous doo-dads, and wochamacallits, Teo will make a truly awe-inspiring rhizomic creation. A physical web of circuitry, Teo’s monster will encompass the audience, turning passive observers into vital components. Just like O’Donoghue, Teo will be making both a profound statement about obsolescence, and a captivating spectacle that will play on our minds long after the puzzle pieces have been severed from the collective and returned from whence they came.


This cute old record player magically floats in the centre of the room…


The rotating motion of the colour wheel moves a small suspended rod. A mercury switch attached to the rod turns a speaker on and off. A small radio tuned to classic fm which is run through an effect pedal is hooked up to an amp and then the speaker. Moving perspex rods reflect the light from the pin spot…this is the test, it looks better with the lights off.

Fishing Rod

The turntable powers the see-saw motion of the fishing rod. A mercury switch is attached to each end of the rod causing the speakers to turn on and off. Instead of paper we now have rice in the speakers that jumps about each time the speaker is turned on…just a bit of silliness.

Glue Loop

A little blob of glue causes this old record to loop…don’t you love it – Click Go The Shears sung in Japanese…a floor mat size switch turns the speaker on and off.


One tape, Two reel-to-reels, two sets of speakers…