Radio Metamix

Five of Australia’s leading sound artists interpret the idea of remix for radio.

  • Lloyd Barrett remixes dreams, nightmares and talkback radio
  • Lucas Darklord remixes the culture of Black Metal
  • Buttress O’Kneel remixes her favourite remixers, including Negativland, John Oswald and Coldcut
  • Rik Rue remixes his own history of remixing
  • Shannon O’Neill remixes all of the above.

Radio Metamix was broadcast on ABC Radio National‘s The Night Air on July 1, 2007, as part of the Liquid Architecture festival. Also broadcast on FBi Radio‘s Ears Have Ears on February 26, 2012.

Produced by Shannon O’Neill.
Image by Buttress O’Kneel.

Thanks to John Jacobs and The Night Air.

01 Radio Metamix 50:59

Total time: 50:59

Year: 2010
Label: Alias Frequencies
Cat #: AF040
Format: FLAC
Availability: Free download