Sound of Failure Festival Exhibition

By August 13, 2008Events

Curated by Jennifer Teo & Greg Shapley

20 Aug – 7 Sep 2008
Chrissie Cotter Gallery
Pidcock St, Camperdown
Opening August 19, 6pm

The Chrissie Cotter Group Show Exhibition hosts a diverse range of audio, and audio-visual installations. Artists featured include US based sound experimenter, Subscape Annex, who has used the potentially explosive technique of combining electricity and water in a work that involves sound from dripping water across the contact of an instrument cable jack. The result ‘The Water Method’ is a sublime ambient work that is hypnotically compelling.

Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda dissect and interrogate the iconic Aussie cop drama, ‘Homicide’ (said to be the most important and popular television drama series ever produced in the country) in ‘Homicide Rumours’ – a sound slash fiction. Like old episodes of Doctor Who, these Homicide mashups conjure sensations of familiarity and sentimentality, as well as disappointment and even embarrassment. Our memories live in the original past moment; our hazy dream is shattered by the harsh reality of the now.

Other artists include Peter Newman, Jordana Maisie, Vienna Parreno, Monperro (Spain), David O’Donoghue, Krzysztof Osinski, Ashley Scott, Greg Shapley, Cara-Ann Simpson, and the 2203 Collective.┬áThe opening will feature a performance by renowned theatre artists Leisa Shelton and Jethro Woodward.