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Furthermore 1999-08-12

furthermore…playlist for august twelve, nineteen ninety-nine, midnight to three a.m.
2mbs-fm 102.5mhz sydney.  presented by rik rue.

title ~    artist    ~ release ~ label

Errol, Error, Songs For Swinging Children ~ Drab ~ Fast Run
Clap Don’t Ring, Don’t Tell The Jazz Police ~ Tom Fryer ~ Tom Fryer
Collective ~ Machine For Making Sense ~ Dissect The Body ~ Split
Minute Variations ~ Lawrence Pritts ~ In Nova
Le Renard Et La Rose ~ Robert Normandeau ~ In Nova
Hard Cash ~ Katharine Norman ~ In Nova
Radio Silent ~ Orchid Spangiafora ~ In Nova
Fe, Lagarto ~ Rodrigo Sigal ~ Manifesto ~ CIEM
Cricket Voice, Beneath The Forest Floor ~ Hildegard Westerkamp ~ Transformations ~ empreintes DIGITALes
The World Behind You ~ Social Interiors ~ The World Behind You ~ Extreme

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