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Waterfront Utopia

Waterfront Utopia by Jennifer Teo & Shannon O’Neill (2010), sound installation.

Stories of growing up around the Rhodes Peninsula in Sydney as told by members of the Christensen family, local residents since the 1950’s. The work explores childhood memories, and environmental changes from the past to the present day, including the impacts of local industry on the waterways, and the effects on residents’ quality of life.

Featuring Camilla Lynch, Emma Jane Lynch, Danny Christensen, Peter Christensen.

Waterfront Utopia

Memory Flows

As elsewhere around the globe, Australian rivers are conduits that are emblematic of networking systems, travel systems and survival systems. Memories and stories – both actual and fictional – will flow and stream from Australians’ intense and varied relationships with water. Artists belonging to this group have tapped into the specific memory that rivers and waterways retain, streaming their enquiry back to the group and out to a larger public audience via exhibition.

Participating Artists include Ian Andrews, Chris Bowman, Chris Caines, Damian Castaldi, Sherre DeLys, Clement Girault, Jacqueline Gothe, Ian Gwilt, Megan Heyward, Nigel Helyer, Neil Jenkins, Solange Kershaw, Roger Mills, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Shannon O’Neill, Greg Shapley, Victor Steffensen, Jennifer Teo and Jes Tyrrell.

Memory Flows is a media art project of the Centre for Media Arts Innovation, University of Technology, Sydney.

Friday 14 May 2010, 6pm

Talks at 7pm to be opened by Judith Blackall, Head of Artistic Programmes at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Performance at 8pm, Headwater by The Field – Shannon O’Neill, Chris Caines, and Jes Tyrrell.

Memory Flows Exhibition
15 May – 20 June 2010
Newington Armory
Jamieson Street
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127