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Waterfront Utopia II

Waterfront Utopia II by Jennifer Teo & Shannon O’Neill (2012), 8 channel generative sound installation.

Waterfront Utopia II presents an immersive and ever-changing sonic environment of electronic and electroacoustic elements, while headphones contain a family’s stories of growing up and of their ongoing relationship to their environment.

A follow-up to Waterfront Utopia (2010) in which a newly edited selection of stories is presented on headphones, and contextualised in an immersive sonic environment. Part of an ongoing series of artworks exploring site, memory and relationships.

Featuring Camilla Lynch,  Emma Jane Lynch, Danny Christensen, Peter Christensen.

Dedicated to Peter Christensen (1951-2011) and in loving memory of Chester Teo (1939-2012).

Waterfront Utopia II at SNO 79

SNO 79 Exhibition
3 – 25 March 2012
SNO Contemporary Art Projects
Marrickville, NSW, Australia 2204

Performance Saturday March 24, 3pm

Solo performance by Shannon O’Neill.