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Waterfront Utopia III

Waterfront Utopia III by Jennifer Teo & Shannon O’Neill (2013), 2 channel audio recording.

Part of an ongoing series of artworks exploring site, memory and relationships, beginning with Waterfront Utopia (Newington Armory, 2010) and continuing with Waterfront Utopia II (SNO, 2012)

Waterfront Utopia II invited listeners to consider the relationships between industry, technology, health and environment. It presented an immersive and ever-changing sonic environment of electronic and electroacoustic elements, while headphones contained stories of growing up around the Rhodes Peninsula in Sydney as told by members of the Christensen family, local residents since the 1950′s.

The stories explore childhood memories, and environmental changes from the past to the present day, including the impacts of industry on the waterways, and the effects on residents’ quality of life.

Created for SNO 100, Waterfront Utopia III takes a number of sonic elements from the previous iteration and remixes them into a new composition.

Featuring Camilla Lynch, Emma Jane Lynch, Danny Christensen, Peter Christensen (1951-2011).

Waterfront Utopia III, Parramatta River

SNO 100 Exhibition
7-21 December 2013
SNO Contemporary Art Projects
Marrickville, NSW, Australia

SNO 100 features work by over 300 artists from all over the place who have been involved in the last 99 SNO exhibitions. To be opened by eminent artist and writer, Emeritus Profesor Richard Dunn and featuring a sound performance by Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima.