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Furthermore 1999-10-07

furthermore…playlist for october seven, nineteen ninety-nine, midnight to three a.m.
2mbs-fm 102.5mhz sydney.  presented by rik rue.

title ~    artist    ~ release ~ label

Cricket Voice, Forest Floor ~ Hildegard Westerkamp ~ Transformations ~ empreintes DIGITALes
Avatar’s Son, Cycle of Sound 2&4, Phonurgie ~ Francis Dhomont
Heart Set, Loading & Running, Flash, Ways Out ~ Death Ambient ~ Tzadik
Geek Love, Through The Looking Glass, Enough, Awakening, Epilogue~ Ikue Mori ~ Tzadik
Open, Urge, Manifold, Blur, Zoom, Cyber, Compact, Cyfer ~ John Oswald ~ Tzadik

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