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Furthermore 1999-12-16

furthermore…playlist for december sixteen, nineteen ninety-nine, midnight to three a.m.
2mbs-fm 102.5mhz sydney.  presented by rik rue.

title ~    artist    ~ release ~ label

Returning A (N)/Virgin Planet/Directions & Poetics/Returning P ~ Gino Robair ~ Other Destinations ~ Rastacan
B&D 1 ~ Rik Rue ~ Pedestrian
Strange Heaven/Still After Lives/Lightning Strikes Not Once/Sound for Picture ~ Nicholas Collins ~ Sound Without Picture ~ Periplum
Quake/Stream ~ Land ~ Archipelago ~ Periplum
Etats/ Burning Water/ Erars ~ Martin Bartlett & George Lewis ~ Burning Water ~ Periplum
Navigation – The First Stage/ Recent Alchemy ~ Social Interiors ~ Traces of Mercury ~ Extreme

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