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Petit Mal

Petit Mal by The Splinter Orchestra (2007), audio recording

The Splinter Orchestra’s first recording.

Featuring Chris Abrahams, DX7; Robbie Avenaim, battery operated percussion; Karen Booth, alto saxophone; Monica Brooks, laptop; Ben Byrne, laptop; Luke Callaghan, laptop; Clare Cooper, guzheng; Abel Cross, double bass; Joe Derrick, trumpet; Peter Farrar, alto saxophone; Simon Ferenci, trumpet; Dale Gorfinkel, vibraphone; Lloyd Honeybrook, alto saxophone; Mike Majkowski, double bass; Alex Masso, percussion; Darren Moore, percussion; Inge Olmheim, laptop & field recordings; Shannon O’Neill, MS-20; Matt Ottignon, clarinet & flute; Ian Peterise, baritone saxophone; Michael Sheridan, laptop guitar; Milica Stefanovic, electric bass; Paul Taylor, home made synthesiser; Clayton Thomas, double bass and Daniel Whiting, laptop.

Made by The Splinter Orchestra, recorded at ABC Studio 22, Sydney, 2006.

Performance broadcast on ABCTV’s Set 27 July 2006.

Petit Mal By The Splinter Orchestra

01 Petit Mal 25:26

Year: 2007
Label: Alias Frequencies
Cat #: AF019
Format: FLAC
Availability: Free download