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Liquid Architecture 10

Festival of Sound Arts

Sydney co-directors Jennifer Teo & Shannon O’Neill (24 – 27 June 2009).

In Sydney, Liquid Architecture 10 presented a program of performances, installations and artist presentations. The breadth of diversity of artists and artistic practices included meticulous recorded work, improvised instrumental performance, new sound for screen work, radical uses of digital technology, inventive self-made sound making devices and historically informed practices.

The Program

Correspondence Exhibition

24 – 27 June 2009
Performance Space, Carriageworks

A composition of works interrogating ideas of sound, music, conversation and silence. Artists from the UTS Centre for Media Arts and Innovation collaborate on Memory Flows around the shared theme of rivers, accessing the flow of memories via objects, sounds and projections. Artists include Scott Arford (USA), Ruark Lewis, Lauren Brincat, Vicky Browne, Josie Cavallaro, Nigel Helyer, Greg Shapley, Maria Miranda & Norie Neumark, Jacqueline Gothe, Ian Gwilt.

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Liquid Architecture 10
Adrift by Nigel Helyer

Opening Night

24 June 2009
Performance by Ruark Lewis & Rik Rue

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Ruark Lewis opening night performance

Forum & Live Performance

25 June 2009
Bon Marche Theatre, University of Technology, Sydney

Sustainability of Sound Arts in Australia

Julian Knowles facilitated a panel of leading voices from Australian sound culture to discuss important issues around the sustainability of contemporary sound arts practice in Australia. Speakers included Julian Knowles (QUT), Paul Mason (Aus Council for the Arts), Sarah Last (ANAT/WiredLab), Somaya Langley (Electrofringe), Nat Bates (Liquid Architecture), Gail Priest (RealTime)

Performance by The Field

Artists Chris Caines, Shannon O’Neill and Jessica Tyrrell improvise together on themes of memory and water, responding to each other and to audiovisual material from sources including the ABC’s Pool website. This performance will also be streamed live online.

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The Field

Main Concert One

26 June 2009
Performance Space, Carriageworks

Thomas Koner (DE), Gary Bradbury (Syd), Cat Hope (Perth), Alex White (Syd)
The full spectrum of sound will be explored in this concert, from noise and infrasound, to intricate detail and atmospheric ambience.

Main Concert Two

27 June 2009
Performance Space, Carriageworks

Asmus Tietchens (DE), Whirlpool (Syd), Plump (Melb), Somaya Langley (Syd)
New instruments, new approaches to traditional instruments, and a major figure in the history of electronic and experimental music.

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10 Year Anniversary Celebration

27 June 2009
Hermann’s Bar, University of Sydney

To celebrate Liquid Architecture’s 10th birthday a special late night show featuring the pioneers of the mash-up, the Evolution Control Committee. A night of breakcore, cabaret, dub and more, with some of Australia’s finest underground talent. Artists included Evolution Control Committee (USA), Buttress O’Kneel, Puzahki, Atone, Loom, DJ Lieutenant Colonel Spastic Howitzer, DJ Corporal Leper.

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