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Furthermore 2000-12-28

furthermore…playlist for december twenty eight, two thousand, midnight to three a.m.
2mbs-fm 102.5mhz sydney.  presented by rik rue

title ~    artist    ~ release ~ label

Braque ~ Stock, Hausen & Walkman ~ Nov Music
Ground Zero ~ Ground Zero ~ Ground Zero
Bits|Bots|Signs ~ Otomo Yoshihide/Voice Crack
The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt ~ Sun Ra & Salah Ragab ~ GYI
Silver Streetcar for The Orchestra ~ Alvin Lucier ~ Algen
Dhingpal Dream/Canto Logo ~ Fatima Miranda ~ HYCD
In Light B ~ Kaffe Matthews ~ Avanto
Open Work ~ Scanner ~ Avanto
Nacroc ~ Pita ~ Avanto

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